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cam chain positioning

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In my manual it states nothing about putting the cam / chain back on and where it should sit. How do I know what position the cam on top should be when it is at TDC for 1-4 or 2-3 ?? I the only mark on the cam is a "T" and that is facing up when it is at TDC for 2-3. Anyone have any ideas ? (Johnny what kind of beer do you like ? ;)


J "not that" D
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dude, dontcha have a manuel? (ok, ok, I don mean someone who sweeps the church floor . . ..
i'm not trying to mess with you. There is a relationship between cam postion/firing position of probably no 1 cyl. at TDC. It's probably in the manual, just difficult to interpret. Haynes? Clymer?

Been there. Still there, actually, Noone here has been able to tell me on the 350 whether the cam point pin should be at 12 o clock or 6 o clock . . ..

Jesus. If I dont see the sun soon . . . . . I cant sleep. Race weekend coming up. Gotta buy a tent. Owe people money. Gas is expensive.

RAYHOO lives!!!!
Just trying to keep my posts up. Wanna be a big tiited slut like JB.
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