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Camden Maine guys at play

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1.Jack Cahill and his pals (named in the video) live around Camden Maine. I've spent some time with them and Jack especially has some very cool machines.
2.I don't think they lurk here but one never knows.
I can't comment on the dog.
Louie Q ,who sometimes lurks here, is from Waldoboro originally and his parents own Lou's Powersports on Route 1 in Nobleboro. Good people.

Gonna expose my ignorance for all to see.

1)Who are these people?

2)Have I been conversing with/insulting/irritating them here online?

3)Do they live in Camden?

4)Someone has a fuckin' cool dog. Why doesn't he get more camera time?

My in-laws own my vacation cottage, which is in Nobleboro, so I'm in that neck o' the woods every year. Brought a bike out one year, but didn't have nearly enough time to ride it. Lovely roads.
What part of Portland are you in? My dad grew up there. Went to Cheverus. He grew up with the guys that own the big floating restaurant. Gritty's is the only brewpub I've ever been to with beer I actually like. We take a visit to Portland every time we're out there.

My wife says the restaurant is DiMillo's.

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Yes it is DiMillos. I live right downtown Portland. Several other racers live nearby. #11-Louie Q, #951-Scott (imslow)Vile, in Freeport (ahem, I mean South Freeport)# 941-Tim Kennedy Yarmouth and Aaron Phinney has a place in New Gloucester. Keep me posted when you come this way. Theres lots to see-bike wise.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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