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Can an amateur change the exhaust?

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Just joined the forums!

Today I bought a Yamaha XS750 cafe racer project bike. It needs a new seat, some work on the brakes, and a new exhaust. First question, which I'm sure I will have many, is:

Can an amateur change the exhaust? The current exhaust has been cut. I saw this on ebay, and from the photos, it almost looks as simple as needing some bolts to be attached. Is that the case, or is it actually much more complicated. I've been having trouble finding answers and/or tutorial videos.

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I will offer some positive vibes here. Nothing is impossible if you are willing to screw it up a few times before you get it right. Best thing to do, find a scrap bike and take the exhaust off of it, maybe put on some new mufflers and call it good.
… and don't leave it fenderless, that is just a stupid thing to do to a street bike.
Pffffft, fenders, I prefer to get hit in the face with rocks coming off the tread
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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