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Can an amateur change the exhaust?

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Just joined the forums!

Today I bought a Yamaha XS750 cafe racer project bike. It needs a new seat, some work on the brakes, and a new exhaust. First question, which I'm sure I will have many, is:

Can an amateur change the exhaust? The current exhaust has been cut. I saw this on ebay, and from the photos, it almost looks as simple as needing some bolts to be attached. Is that the case, or is it actually much more complicated. I've been having trouble finding answers and/or tutorial videos.

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"I expected to put some money into it, but figured being half the cost of some other bikes I had seen, it would even out. I'd feel pretty silly selling it immediately after I got it haha, but if that's what it takes for a noob to learn, than so be it."

Hello Nicolas and welcome to the forum. Though it's to late to steer you away from the purchase you made at least from here out you can get some sound advice from folks who actually DO know what they are talking about. The previous owner did ALLOT wrong to that bike and unless you want to spend countless hours and money undoing what can be undone only to get you back to a starting point then the "get rid of it" idea might just be the best thing you could do. That idea might sting a bit now but you'll be happy you did later. Given you had to ask if you would be able to replace the exhaust yourself (commendable by the way) tells me that machines issues and your skill set are not well matched. There's a good reason it was half the cost of what you had seen. A good ride able starter bike that you can modify in a positive way to improve it's abilities would be a much better use of your time and money. IMHO. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Cheers.
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