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Can an amateur change the exhaust?

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Just joined the forums!

Today I bought a Yamaha XS750 cafe racer project bike. It needs a new seat, some work on the brakes, and a new exhaust. First question, which I'm sure I will have many, is:

Can an amateur change the exhaust? The current exhaust has been cut. I saw this on ebay, and from the photos, it almost looks as simple as needing some bolts to be attached. Is that the case, or is it actually much more complicated. I've been having trouble finding answers and/or tutorial videos.

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Wow. what a first question. Talk about coming in at the ground level.

You should have come here and asked before you bought the bike.

But since you already have, if you want my advice, take a big picture of it, let us see what you are dealing with. Let us know if the bike runs. And tell us what your experience and your motorcycling goals are.
Then put on your flame suit.

If the bike is chopped up already and doesn't run, I'd say sell it ASAP and buy a running bike.

Learn basic maintenance, ride.

A nonrunning odd ball bike like the xs750 is the perfect way to ruin your fist motorcycling experience.
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BTW, post a pic of the build that was your inspiration for choosing the Yamaha triple.

Just for shits and giggles.

This was mine-
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I regret I ever set eyes on that thing. So does my wallet...
I'm such a dumbass...
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Are you sure it runs? Like have you tried to start it and were successful?

I am very suspicious of craigslist sellers that say, yeah it runs, but **** is missing so I can't start it or you can't ride it right now. But it ran when I parked it.
Yeah right.

Your bike has the calipers conveniently hanging loose and there looks to be damage to one of the forks.
He did one hell of a job on the frame from what I can see. putting in his own center section and drilling holes in the frame for likely a homemade cover.
Tabs are gone for the exhaust, he even cut the back 1/2 of the rear master mount off. Why? Rear master cylinder rod doesn't seem to quite reach the master cylinder piston. Doubt you have any of the three brakes at the moment working.
Rear subframe has been hacked off and he's attached his own rear fender to something back there.

The wiring is a mess. He's really "made it his own" there.

Tank is dented pretty bad. pod filters probably block some of the ports and that was what was messing with his idle.

To get it rideable you would at least have to sort the brakes, forks, pods/carbs, shocks, wiring and probably the exhaust if you want to keep your neighbors from hating you. That's assuming the engine is in good working order with good compression. Worrying about a seat hoop and skateboard seat is the least of your worries.

For a bike where many parts are no longer available, you are looking at a whole lot of searching ebay and such.

If this is your first bike project, I'd cut my losses and just get it back together and sell it.
Nothing on the bike is worth much either except the engine and carbs if in good shape.
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