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Can't get her started.

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So the bike is a 75 200T and it's been sitting for 2 years. The last time it was started it ran perfectly but now after being off for so long it doesnt start up. I checked the carbs and there is fuel in them. I checked the plugs, which are fouled, and they create a very small inconsistent spark. I know that the fuel is reaching the engine cause the spark plugs were wet. My next step is to replace the spark plugs and use some starter fluid and hopefully I can get her going but does anyone know what might be the issue?

Any help or tips would be great!

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Definitely start with fresh gas and clean carbs. Clean your plugs or replace them, regap them, check your points, regap them. Chances are your points have dirty contacts. To clean your points, pull the two contact points apart and slide a folded piece of 600 grit sandpaper in between them. Let the points close on the sandpaper, then pull the paper out while the points are still closed. Repeat this a few times. This will get you some fresh contact surface. Once you've done this you can do the same thing with a folded piece of paper with carb cleaner on it. This will collect all the loose bits created by the sand paper. This is my method, maybe someone has a better one or can explain it better. Sounds like you just need some good spark.
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