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Carb Cleaning

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I have some carbs that have been left a long time and have this dark brown stuff, which is a hard varnish like gunge in them. What is the best way of getting rid of the stuff. Is is in the float chambers, on the floats, in jets, in the carb throats etc.
I was going to try ultrasonic cleaning in acetone, but acetone does not seem to shift the stuff.
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You can get one of those tiny ultrasonic cleaners meant for jewlery for about $60-80- does wonders on all the jets etc. Works effing awesome! For the larger parts like carb bodies use a soda blaster. If you can't get your hands on one you can probably pay someone locally, look into autobody paint removal services. The soda is VERY abrasive, not what you'd find at home, it will take off any paint/coating/filth and the best part is it washes away leaving no residue. Can't beat that.

I love using this picture, the carb is SO DAMN CLEAN.

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