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carb manifolds

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Those of y'all running larger carbs, where did you get the manifolds to fit them? I'm trying to put a set of 30mm carbs on a CB450, but need new manifolds that are not only larger in diameter, but long enough to prevent the carb from hitting the cylinder head.

Anyone put larger carbs on a CB450?
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Yeah Robo...what kind of carbs you using?
Mikuni.. now that I think about it, they might be 32mm. But they should go well with the mildly ported motor + cam + open pipes I have.

I already have a ton of mikuni jets from the RDs, and nothing for the stock carbs.
Do your new carbs rubber mount? I have some 30mm intake that you can try.
Cool, I'll take you up on that. Yes, they're spigot mount like this...

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Rob, you know how to tune those freakin things?

I gave up on my set. Went to the Keihin PE race carbs... very easy to tune and well suited to a four stroke.
well, I've got the RDs running pretty well. Only took me a few years of half-assed attemts and seizing to get it right.

Figured that I have the carbs already, and you can't get jets for the stock ones... There's a dyno with a CO2 analyzer in Windham, NH that I might try once I get it close. We'll see. This is all for a streetbike afterall.
Email me your address and I'll send you some. I will also send you a copy of Photoshop.
yeah yeah... that's the first example of a spigot mount carb I found.
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