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you got dinged 50 clams by the ewok (little big guy on the kawa quad)?

damn, then you got dinged 60 clams by me. now my catholic guilt says i must give you your five back in change.

also, the 9/17 event is on the normal summit main track. it was supposed to be on the new death race 2000 track they call shenadoah on 9/25, but so many bitched (thank god) that wera moved it up a week to get the main track. i'll be there, and i'll bring food for you. you'll have to bring the gatorade, cause as you know that was my last one (and it was delicious, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!)

bucky is coming to race. i'm lending him my rs125. i'll have just gotten the tank back from the polisher, so he better not wad it.

also joe c., marcus poisson was telling me that there is a scooter rally and race up at frontierland. come on up, it's gonna be a two day with a pig roast.

and yes, the barnett clutch on joe's bike is the only thing worth saving.

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