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Kind of what you asked for, but with cars.....

For YEARS I lusted for a MGTD sports car--beautiful sweeping fenders, chrome grill, suicide doors. Just an object of beauty that you could drive. They were pretty pricy but I finally found one I could afford by trading my 7000 actual miles 1959 Morris Minor Convertible and $2500.

When I brought that car home I was in car heaven....for about a week. It was the worse riding and handling car I had ever had. It was cramped and your feet boiled. It was SLOW. I kept it less than a year and was happy to see it go. My sprite was a better car.

The best analogy I can think of is that drop dead gorgous babe you chased for years, and when you finally got her in bed she just layed there and wasn't any good!

Oh, and that Honda 50 scooter I got from Parks was pretty anti climatic--much slower than it was in 1966, but then again I was nearly 100 lbs lighter....
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