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CB 350 four

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so i'm going to look at another CB 350F on sunday and i may be able to pick it up for really cheep....if i do get it i was thinking of parting the ninja and throwing the fork and brakes and such on the cb...then getting rid of the rest of that modern monstrosity...the 350 has been in this guy's family for a while now, it was handed down from his father to him and his father himself and his sister all got their licenses on guys have any thoughts on making it a nice blend of old and new to get this 350 to do the ton...apperently this guy has had the bike up to 110mph....i don't know if i believe a stock 350 can do that, i have tried and only gotten mine up to 95mph..either i do this or get a brit and make a cafe to die for, or on.....

"Ride Fast and Take Chances"
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just get it, you can always get rid of it.

yeah, like that happens.

damned, another one i have to look out for in the bathrooms at nhis at night!!!

(just a little joke from way back when)

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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