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CB 350 headgasket for dummies saga cont.

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So I have put the piston's in upside down and when I get an extra set of hands I'm going to put them on the arms. BUT my question is looking at my manual I see these "Oil gallery O-ring" but in my clymer (sucks) it doesn't say where these come out or go back in.

The O-rings that come in my top end kit are much larger than any holes that appear where oil would be coming up through. Does anyone have any experience with these litter buggers ?

Last thing I want to do is have this thing back together and have it pissing oil on you guys as you pass me.

J "not that" D
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>> you can tell which ones take it by the size. <<

I wish you could figure out chicks this way...

J "not that" D
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