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After a years work got my 360 on the road. Its running strong but has a quirky idle issue.

When the bike is cold it idles fine after coming off the throttle to a stop. However when the bike is warmed up it seems like it wants to die (and sometimes does) when I get off the gas as I am rolling up to a stop. If I rev the engine a bit it seems to stabilize. Almost like it is becoming too lean when getting off the gas.

A few notes... yes everything is completely rebuilt and set to Honda spec.

1. I am running a SLA battery over the factor unit, I know Hondas want a strong battery to run. Wondering if my battery has enough umph with all the lights running to keep the spark going or am I relying too much on the generator?

2. Running the original carb flanges... perhaps a crack to causing a lean spot?

3. Hidden cracks in the carb diaphragms?

Also... seems like the idle speed set screw is extremely sensitive. The slightest turn takes it from idling at 1200-1300 to 2500-2700. Is this normal for this bike?
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