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The project is coming along, run into my first problems but, so far, so good.Everything is in really good shape! Stripped it all down and prepping the frame for welding....

I can't thank you enough... Did the wife evr notice the extra space?

If you find anything drop me a line and I'll send some dough for shipping. If not, I'll find one elsewhere.

Anyone have any suggestions for a remedy/replacement of the sht singlepuck front brake?


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About that POS front brake: A really good cleaning up and replacement pads makes a big difference. When I was racing my 400f (same POS brake) I made sure that the pivot pin was cleaned and lubed up so that it would easily move without any resistance. I really cleaned the cylinder bore and the piston so that it moved easily and cleaned all the gunk out from behind the piston o-ring. If there was a dust seal on the piston, I removed it since it seemed to trap moisture and gunk in the caliper. Then I removed the adjuster screw and spring and let the caliper self center. If I kept it cleaned and m,aintained after that, it was pretty good. One of the problems with that caliper design is that the pads will wear unevenly and become tapered. They need to be replaced at that point. The other problem is that the pads, especially the stock ones, is that they seem to get glazed in a hurry. I regularly scuffed them up with some sand paper. They were racable but there are other later model dual piston setups that can be made to work but not without changing front fork sliders and wheels and such. Try cleaning up the original brake and seeing if you need more.

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on the honda disk brake...they aren't that great. however, on my 350f racebike I had braided lines and good ferodo pads from Vintage Brake and it really worked a helluva lot better than stock.
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