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Alright, just about got this bike ready to go and come to find out (after fixing the no spark problem) that the previous owner had the carbs installed backwards using holders for the air filters, i'm guessing. So now I need to find some new holders. Problem is the engine is not original, although it is a cb 550 and I do have the original cb 550 (who's carbs also only have the boots for the filters) The bike itself is a 74 but even me honda "dealer" doesn't know which boots to order for me as they have found 2 diff. numbers, and I'd have to pay up front, non refundable, to order.

I am hoping one of you guys knows a thing or two about decoding codes so here's the engine code: CB 550E-2003952

Any iformation on where to find the right boots, the part number or even the exact year of the motor would be awesome.
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