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CB 750 Custom

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I had a 750 Custom that I never did anything to except ride. I put a header on it and that was the only modification I made to it. I didn't know anything about cafe racers and never considered cafeing it out. After getting hooked on this forum I wish I had it back. Anyway I don't hear anyone talking about the Honda 750 Customs. Are they not considered a good model to turn into a cafe racer or are they just less desirable compared to the older models?
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Less desirbaly because of their chopper like setup. The 900 and 1000 customs were shaft drive with 10 speed gearboxes, which I think it really cool. As compared to the K and F model they are more difficult yo setup as cafe racers (although someone on this forum posted pictures of his converted custom recently). Of all the DOHC cb750s the F models are the best to cafe because 1) they were already factory style cafe machines in that the bodywork mimicked the cafe setups of the late 70's (ie the tracy styel one piece bodies) and 2) the F has a thicker frame and disc brakes at both wheels.
10 speeds??
Was it a dual range gearbox or ten seperate forward gears?

It was a conventional 5 speed gearbox with an underdrive/overdrive high low switch. there was a rocker switch next to the gear selector, forward for low, back for high (I think - been a while). The cb1000 was an absolute animal for a shaft drive bike and with that high low switch you could get some nice launches out of it.

The 900c spilt was 1/2 a gear range difference between low and high, the 1000c's split was 1 full gear range different.

technically the correct shift pattern is to go 1l, 1h, 2l, 2h etc...but anybody I know that has this bike just uses the low range around town and uses the high range for the highway (or for the uninterrupted backroad crusing at constant speed).

there is some good readin' in this post (including a guy who put an 1100F top end on his 900):

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