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CB 750 Custom

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I had a 750 Custom that I never did anything to except ride. I put a header on it and that was the only modification I made to it. I didn't know anything about cafe racers and never considered cafeing it out. After getting hooked on this forum I wish I had it back. Anyway I don't hear anyone talking about the Honda 750 Customs. Are they not considered a good model to turn into a cafe racer or are they just less desirable compared to the older models?
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The custom is a cool bike. With clip ons or club man bars,a cafe seat ( yea, the custom seat got to go ) and a few mods it becomes a great cafe racer .
The custom and the K as well as the F all share a lot.

Cafe racer DOHC CB750F
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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