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CB 750F

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Hi there,

Rank newbie here. I just bought a 1982 CB750F last week, my first bike in 19 years. Bought it after falling in love with cafe styling (again). It ran pretty well - I just gave it a tune-up and now it runs a bit better.

Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find a Dunstall Manx style (I think that's what it's called) tank for it, and a Manx style seat? Moto Tumbi in Australia have them, but not for the CB750.

Thanks in advance,

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Just build the CB you have. Personally I've never understood the sohc cafe bikes. They look strange with all that motor hanging out of the sides. I know guys that will climb over a pile of fours to get at a twin or single to build. Personally, I'm always on the prowl for old SR500s and XS650s. A well done XS will look like a proper cafe bike more than any four and parts are cheaper and more readily available. Light, skinny, FAST.

80s aircooled superbikes are already bitchin stock. Awesome paintjobs/decals, good frames (finally), and decent suspensions/brakes. If you get tired of the cb, sell it to me! I'm currently building a naked cb1100R lookalike and have most of the parts mentioned here. I just got a real R aluminum tank in from Germany ($$$) and am waiting on a few Bol d'or odds and ends and an R replica seat from Meadspeed.

If you keep the bike, get over to Awesome tech advice and they're a great bunch of "F'ers" to boot. I guarantee you'll drink the "F" koolaid.
Geeto, I guess as long as someone else has slapped clipons, pinstripes and a solo seat on anything before it qualifies as "rocker" in your book.

Merry christmas early.

How much do you have invested in the bike?

I might be interested if it´s cheap enough. I bought a bike from a guy down in Greenville so I know about how much it costs to get it up here by van or forward air. Got any pictures?
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An extra cylinder hanging out of each side of the frame in a 500lb package isn't very "manx" to me.

I was suggesting Stattz should build his bike into a good looking and potent custom because that's what I'm building right now. I have a huge pile of bol d'or and 1100R parts sitting next to me as I type and I'm pumped to get it done and out this spring. It's not "rocker-59-McQueen-acecafe" but I still think these 80's bikes are cool. He shouldn't just ditch it (unless it ends up in my garage <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>)

No harm meant, just being a smart-ass.
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