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CB 750F

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Hi there,

Rank newbie here. I just bought a 1982 CB750F last week, my first bike in 19 years. Bought it after falling in love with cafe styling (again). It ran pretty well - I just gave it a tune-up and now it runs a bit better.

Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find a Dunstall Manx style (I think that's what it's called) tank for it, and a Manx style seat? Moto Tumbi in Australia have them, but not for the CB750.

Thanks in advance,

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i see tanks all over the web just they are mostly aluminum in uk or glass tanks which im not sure is street legal if you are talking street bike that is.but air-tech has any cafe tank seat fairing in glass you can think of and in the uk has aluminum tanks .George
I have been looking at that tank too! the style some how grew on me pretty fast, wasnt a slap you in the face, I have to have it, but pretty soon after, it was calling me to find out what bike had that shape it looks large on smaller cc bikes and does have a subtle agression to its looks .another shape thats working into my mind is the small J-cup shape seat for lack of a better name I ll have to run it down at airtech to get its proper name but it does look good on wider seat frames .I have a honda sohc four that Im invissioning this 1100 tank and J-cup seat on I think itll look the "nuts"
its the size i like its like i put a 500cc tank on a 350cc bike it just rocks in the looks department Ive been buying tanks on ebay its alot cheaper there are three shops that sell used stuff in my area I go and look at there tanks time to time but that tank I have been recently focusing casually at now I know what bike its from the hunt is on....and I do appriciate your offer.I like cutting the back of the stock tanks and fabing them into a tail section which is just so vintage looking and its steel and its light and i can shoot them with clear and show off the metal.and they act like a fender to a small degree. George
Geeto67 ,your a man that just breaths bikes,I know as much about sports cars as you know about bikes ,that only years of undieing enthusiasume,lots of money spent on books/ magazines and time (hands-on)get in there and do it yourself, make the mistakes,learn your lessons the old fashion way ,ONLY CAN amount to .I recognize this in all the posts I have read of yours and thanks for sharing ,I appreciate it truely. George
Dunstal Manx ... look for Vintage section at air-tech .
go for it but all the time and effort when your done you want to have something your excited about .So just keep aiming for that look even if its a bike not exactly like it, you may surprize your self and have a very unique bike.If its the look your after and not speed who cares ,we all need our licenses to live, racing is best on the track the road is mostly for the "panache" of a racer ...remember to get some coffee and watch people stare at your handy work ...or your accumilation of Ideas in what parts you took off and put on.
But I do have a CB450 I just pulled the motor out of to build a cafe style bike but like my post tell you I have other bikes I havent feel in love with them yet as I have just obtained them to build street caferacer style bikes to sell when Im done so Im trying to be detached . So if your interested in this one before I start into it let me know I have just takin the motor out to start to strip the frame for sand blasting so thats as far as i have stripped it (just pulled the motor) And by the way you are no longer a rank newbie you found this place ....the quickest way to get up to speed is with these guys here at !

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See less See more this link has norton replica tanks for wide and narrow frames .Still my thinking is a cross of old and new blended with what you like (Dunstahl Manx Norton)keep that visual in your mind as you mix and match pieces Im telling you will surprise your self with the unique bike you can come up with .If you noticed on my site the red frame bike I came up with was just that raw cafe look in my mind and just going for it .I think over all I achieved my goal.I will post the Black Framed '74 CB450 ,I have the same tank for this bike as I have for the red frame bike ,its nice and chunkie in the Manx Look,you could say.Again its not a replica of any thing its a cafe style bike period .I learned long ago you cant make a ferrari from a MGB, not with all the money and talent in the world .My idea is "HOW LITTLE MONEY I CAN SPEND" and still have that hand built look that the next guy morgaged his house to build and steal the "THUNDER".

The problem with old bikes is you really need to go thru them ,dismantle them and put them back together so from a safety and "RELIABILTY"(not cool broken down on side of rode even though with a smart looking bike youd get more offers to help you out)

And that can get expensive if you dont have the tools or ability to do that because to pay a shop per hour to build a bike ....well its not fun unless you have money in which case just go find a dunstahl manx end of story.

Ill post Sunday pictures of the CB450 In its new painted Black frame and newly detailed engine remounted (has 5700 miles original)back in the frame and front end and the tank I have thats like the red frame bike .

Look at it this way its already gone thru,all brackets shaved off of frame already and resprayed,Engine clean balsted and detailed,rewired(original wiring inspected and gone thru every connection for chaffing and clean tight connections, you have time to pick accent color,tire brands wheels if you want to upgrade or you can do that when the bike is at your home, and choose tank and seat,handle bars ,fenders even though I like fabricating my own seats and tail pieces (steel is better then glass creaking and cracking over time great, on a few lap racebike but a street bike I plan to spend some hours on) because they are unique signature pieces.

Or you can take it home (I can deliver it to you)running and you tinker with as much of the bolt on stuff you want if you dont trust taking the trees apart to put clips on ,I will do that and you can do the less mecahnical bolt on stuff (its just a cafe style bike is a lot of making things fit and can get fustrating to someone that thinks they will just buy the pieces and bolt them on, every item needs some sort of tweeking to make it fit (you cannt be german about it ,its more mechanical then engineered perfection) its what makes them cool to me) .for under three grand(a completed bike with my tank and seat tail piece(all steel) looking good is not a bad deal.I can do as much or as little at this stage!what ever options we can talk .

The 81 is to modern looking mag wheels ,engine is a stressed member to the frame not the bike for the look your aiming for you need wire wheels .and that strait edged looking frame makes a good modern/retro cafe pre-modern super bike but doesnt have the full on vintage look.
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Geeto67 the 81 is a SOHC 400 it has the engine as a stress member its not a 750. Sunday Ill have a link up to my site with the 81 engine detail frame Im blasting on monday .Also post the CB450 .

AS for the cb450 it will be a very stripped down bike so it has the nuts and bolts look of the 1st LiL Bull .I feel this bike is far better in looks then the stock bike .When I post the pics notice I removed all the bulky trim in the fork, the garters /headlight support/reflecter assembly bracketry. Makes that mean front end stand out like a racer .also the massive air box is removed for custum air filters.
Battery will be mounted in a fabricated aluminum box and the neccessary electrical components will be relocated to a better looking package.

Shaving is cutting off brackets and grinding them flush with frame there are lots of original brackets for seat hinges and locks and locks for helmet and all this pedestrian pieces like side covers that detract from the look of the frame its like take a orange, the fruit, and start adding any thing to its out side shape it starts right away to intrude on the original design. Same thing happens with bike frames they start out with a cool straight stripped down frame, then they add nummerous sundry brackets for everything on to it.

For the cafe look you need to bring the bike frame, to the original bike thats under all that generic, sell to the masses, add-ons they stick on the good looking frame, till you have the bike as it was intended to be, before the sales and marketing group add there wish list to the design.Its the whole reason the sences reel when you look at a caferacer its pared down to the tight lean and mean!!!

A picture says a thousand words so Ill post the bike with the tank i like,and with the stock tank and with two seat looks im working on.Itll never see the stock tank again but just to show the dif.

By the way the frame is "chassis black and the engine is detailed the two together so sweet looks like a zillion buck bike!And that front end so MEAN! Look at that nice cb450 Geeto67 posted ..Then look at my bike its mean kick-ass brother !!!And if I m riding and if I see a Dunstahl Manx This bike will hold its head high In the Aggressive looks department, right with it .
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I seem to have names for the bikes as Im working on them this bike ,the honda cb360 kept reminding me of a small bull ""LiL Bull and for what ever reason the Honda CB 450 I have been calling it "War Horse" (just goes to show you a little bull can go a long way ah Ha ha !!)So here is the link to its build so far .Sunday.
thanks guys, I just cannt get enough of that tank,Its the nuts bare metal ,I love that look , even though for "War Horse" some very simple graphic and color,and stress very minimal but will grab your attention by the jugular ,have creeped into my mind ,while Ive been building her,I have three schemes in mind and two are currently fighing it out as i took the pics.Its living up to its name I guess!Look thru my site i have posted the 81 cb400 in its first stages engine detailed as name has crept into my head yet for this bike, but as I work on it it shows itself.

Geeto67 Congrats!!!Dahli lahma 2 can this place handle tw0 Dahli's

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