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CB/CL/SL Cam Chain Tensioner Rollers

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For those of you looking for something much better than the rubber NOS rollers, I have CNC machined versions out of chromolly steel of both the upper and lower rollers.

They will fit CB/CL/SL motorcycles. Upper roller is a sprocket, lower is a smooth roller. Each have high quality needle roller bearings pressed into them. Upper roller comes with a deformable rivet. Material is chromolly steel. See the following links for purchase.

Both Upper and Lower:



Link to Instructions:

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I don't have a CB350, but on my old CB77 race bike I had a couple of rubber rollers break up and both times valves were bent, rockers broke and so was I.....

There have been a few steel rollers made over the years by racers. Mechanical noise isn't an issue for racers but chain life is. What is your expectation for durability on the large roller or its impact on chain life? Is it better to run flat side chains rather than stock peanut chains on those wheels?
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