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CB Wheel Bushings 42311-349-690 + 42313-286-000

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i'm having a hard time finding any definitive dimensions on a CB350 twin's two rear wheel bushings, part numbers 42311-349-690 + 42313-286-000. I ripped my rear wheel apart and have both of them (learned the hard way about the bearing collar that's no longer available), but they are different lengths/heights. I have tried everywhere to find a length of each but cannot, does anyone know which one goes where?

thanks in advance,
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The spacer that runs on the sprocket side will have a shiny ring where the seal runs on it.

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Hey, it's not like going to Las Vegas. You have a 50% chance of winning the spacer challenge. :)

Don't buy a bevel drive Ducati L-twin to pull apart, without measuring all the shims as you operate.

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But then, how hard could it be to rebuild if you have pictures to go by?

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