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CB Wheel Bushings 42311-349-690 + 42313-286-000

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i'm having a hard time finding any definitive dimensions on a CB350 twin's two rear wheel bushings, part numbers 42311-349-690 + 42313-286-000. I ripped my rear wheel apart and have both of them (learned the hard way about the bearing collar that's no longer available), but they are different lengths/heights. I have tried everywhere to find a length of each but cannot, does anyone know which one goes where?

thanks in advance,
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Are those the wheels spacers that fit outside the wheel to center it?
yes sir!
this doesn't help. it only shows one of the bushings, #5; the other one is on the Brake page. in the pictures they both look the same, and physically they are both identical with the exception of the length. i just cannot find any definitive spec's on the two p/n's to determine which one is which.
Why can't you just put them in the way you "think" they should go and measure the chain alignment?

It's either going to be right or you'll need to swap them over.

It's not rocket science.
LOL, it's not "Rocket" science, but it IS still "vehicle" science. and my arse is over the two wheels of the vehicle... actually, it will EVENTUALLY be. I'm in the middle of a rebuild and have the frame on a cart while mocking up the front and rear end. No chain to line up, and i think even with it on there the bushings are within a few mm's of eachother that i wouldn't be able to tell Line-of-Sight. also, don't have rims on the hubs either, so i cannot check alignment at the seat- or chain-stays. i cannot believe no one has encountered this problem??
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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