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cb1000c for cb550 a realistic trade?

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Wasnt too sure where to post this so i figured this fit the best.
i have a project cb1000c that im working on, basically just cleaning and rewiring, should run but i havent tried since i got it because of the wiring, everything inside the engine is clean and is in good condition but you never know.
but anyways its a large bike, and im tall but im not large, so ive been wanting to get a cb550. only issue is the cb1000c is all i have of monetary value at the moment and i was just wondering if a project 1000c is a good trade for a project 550, or even relatively possible as a trade at all.
If specifics are in question ill obviously answer anything i can. thank you for the help in advance.
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Find a 3rd party with a 450 and you will be in business.
well i understand that, i was assuming you had a real answer
A RUNNING and RIDEABLE cb1000c should net you $1200- $1500 on average in the used market. That is enough to get you into a running 550 (which might feel a wee bit small if you are over 6 ft - shoot for a SOHC cb750 instead), albeit not a pretty one. As a junkpile that doesn't run and needs a fuck-ton of parts to make rideable your bike is worthless.

BTW rideable means new tires, cables, filters, oil, etc....basically safe to operate on the street.
Ive been looking around for a 550-750 and everything ive seen sells for over 2k. i live in the orlando FL which might be why, i dont know how they sell in different areas.
my cb1000c isnt super pretty but its not the worst, the battery tray is rusted, i need to derust the tank, rewire everything, and replace some old tubes.
I assume my goals are gonna be pretty far away. but thats my luck. ill bide my time making the 1000c worthy of being sold.
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