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cb1000c questions

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just some questions, i have a 1983 cb1000c, from what ive heard its all the same parts from the 750-1100 just different bores, is this true? it would be a godsend to be able to find parts if i can use multiple bikes as the search condition instead of a bike that was only made for 1 year like mine.

also i might revisit this over the next few months for random questions cause im working on converting it from OEM parts to cafe related items and this is my first time working on a bike in general. all i have is automotive experience, ingenuity, and the internet.
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So the CB1000C is a 1 year only bike part of the DOHC cb family made from 1979 to 1982. Because it is part of that family, there are a lot of parts bin interchanges. However, because it is one of the shaft drive models there are also a lot of things that don't interchange.

Let's start with the basics:
you should sign up to this forum - 1979 to 1983 DOHC CB750/900/1000/1100 Honda Custom It is specific for the C model "custom" bikes and an excellent resource.

Also you should know that your cb1000C will NEVER be a cafe racer. nope, not going to happen. In fact forcing it to be whatever you think a cafe racer is will probably just make it a shittier bike. Bikes like it from the era are called "muscle bikes". They were cruisers but used sport bike performance drive-trains. They make good drag bikes, and they have their own place and following. That is to say you shouldn't modify the bike or build a custom out of it, but play to the bike's strengths and try to focus on making the overall riding experience better, not just increasing the curb appeal. now that that is out of the way let's talk about your parts interchange.

Since the cb1000c uses the same basic architecture as the rest of the DOHC bikes things like carb rebuild parts and gaskets, most of the basic stuff will interchange. Sure the pistons, cam, and transmission will all be different, but there isn't a reason you couldn't put a 1100F top end on it in a pinch if need be.

From personal experience aftermarket pipes are hit or miss, the head pipe will fit all models but the muffler will have different mounts for where to bolt to the frame, and no you can't just run a header hanging on your bike by the exhaust collars/gaskets - that is dumb. If you want to swap carbs, aftermarket carbs setup for the 900F or 1100F should work.

If you want to know if something fits, here is my recommendation - look it up. Take the part number for the thing and input it into a parts number look up site like Here is an example:
16010-461-405 is the number for a gasket kit for a 1983 cb1000c. putting it into partsfish's number look (OEM Parts for Honda) up gives this result:

[h=3]Assemblies where 16010-461-405 is used[/h]

so now you know the cb900c and F use the same carb gaskets as the 1000c. As a general rule, the parts that tend to interchange are the suspension pieces, brakes, service items, and some engine parts. As a 1000C is just a bored out 900c, I imagine most of what fits the 900c fits the 1000c. As for the F models, well there is a lot different there (and honestly if you wanted a "cafe racer" you probably should have bought the F model), things like rearsets, seats, etc don't really fit. I have heard that the front frame half (before the seat) is the same mounting on all the models, so you might be able to fit tanks and side covers from an F to a C but I have never tried it, I know the SOHC bikes were like this but not the DOHC bikes.

If there is a specific part you are asking about whether it interchanges, you can always ask. at the very least we can probably tell you how to measure.
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