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CB125 parts

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im building up a CB125 cafe and a stock CL125
taking the cafe LSR and need some spares...
motors, wheels, that kind of stuff
also need sidecovers, and a centerstand
does anyone have a bigger carb that will fit? seams that there isnt that much info and making one of these little hondas go faster. and other help would be great

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I saw a guy that had a cb125 for sale no price he says he will only take phone calls. His number is 207-761 1536. I never did call.
Jaguar The bike is located in Westbrook Me. If the guy still has it and doesn't want to sell parts or ship stuff but has stuff you can use. Let me know.I would be willing to help organize shipping. I'm about 25min from Westbrook. I found his add on craigslist for maine on march 13 8 hondas for $600 Steve
Jag I just talked to the guy that has cb125 parts. He says that he has about six of them .Don't trust me on accuracy check the sloper message. It seems that he has a bunch of parts. He might be worth talking to. He is in the bussiness.He has two runners says they are a blast.I have just bought three of them myself. Haven't had time to even check out what I bought.I'll be looking for parts I'm sure. He says that there is plenty of easy to find information,and rebuild parts are kind of inexpensive.
Jag, Be cool I will have to do a little research.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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