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CB125S J (1978) Front Disk Replacement

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Hey all,

First post here and on any bike forum, after an intense amount of Googling, it seems I've hit a snag I can't fix without advice. I bought a cb125s J 1978 to renovate, it's almost complete, except the front brake. I just took apart the caliper and it's completely shot, bearings broken, cable welded in, a complete mess. The parts I need are no longer available. Does anyone know of any possible replacement, conversion or brake which would do the trick?

I've heard a Rebel 250 brake could fit with the right brake plate?

If anyone could link me some potential fixes it would me much appreciated...
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Is that the one that was cable actuated?
If it is I don't think it will be real easy, you are likely looking at changing the forks to accommodate something newer and hydraulic. There is no right brake plate, disc brake designs changed radically after the early ones turned out to be so bad.
Hey Trials,

Thanks for the reply, on further searching, I realised I'd basically be refurbishing something that wasn't all that great to begin with. I bought a cg125 front wheel and will convert to a front drum brake.
That will work. Not exactly an upgrade but at least it will be serviceable (y)
CB200 twin had a similar brake, you might be able to get parts for that one. No idea if it was any larger or different mounting. Honda didn't spend much effort to standardize parts in the 1970's.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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