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I've seen it done on other forums where a guy will post progress pics of a project. Others follow along and give him words of encouragement. These encouraging words inspire him to get off his lazy ass, bundle up in his carhartt's, and bravely trundle over to his unheated shop space in the dead of an Ohio winter to work (and, dare I say, to dream)…

So here's what I got so far:

Mock up:

Mock up:

Frame stripped and ready for sandblasting:
<img src="
" border=0>

160 triple trees are also now off to have the 160 stem removed and pressed into a set of 350 trees. Thanks for the advice on that one.

Let me know what you think and call me gay if I stop posting updates.

Honda go sideways!

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The CB200 has 31mm forks, and since you guys are on this topic, does anyone run the disk brake setup from the 200 as well.
What do you mean by jugs? I've got a CB200T so I can't help but look in the picture of the 175, theres a 200 sitting right next to it.
1 - 2 of 169 Posts
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