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CB175 Front Brake Options (200GP+ Class)

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Hi all,

I'm in the process of building a CB175 into a vintage race/track bike, targeting the 200GP+ AHRMA class. It's a long, slow process, and I'm learning everything as I go. The front end as it's being built is a CB200T fork mated to a '74 XL175 triple tree staying at the original 31mm. It's a straight swap without any stem modifications.

My question is about the front hub/brake. I have the original CB175 brake, but I also have a '67 CB77 36-hole front brake from a previous still-born CB350 project.

Is the added weight of the CB77 brake worth the increased braking performance? Would I be better off using a smaller CB350 or even the stock CB175 or CB200T front brake for racing?

Also, while I'm asking about drum brakes, who is doing re-linings and arcing currently? Seems like a lost art that is only done by a few. Not really worried about a long lead time—I hve a long lead time, myself. :)


Current status of my race build...
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I found my CL175 front brake to be sufficient, but I'm not one of the top tier guys.
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I ran the stock front end with tapered bearings and stock wheels and brakes. The only place I really felt lacking was top end speed.

Unless you do some serious motor work, those guys will get away from you.
I'll be at Gingerman and maybe Black Hawk running my Triumph. Sold my CL175 but have a Bridgestone 175 that I may run if I get a chance to shake it down.
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If you register for 200GP you can add the CB160 Lemans start race for $20. That's a crazy good deal. (Yes you're eligible to race that class).
Did you make it to Gingerman?

I'm sorry. I forgot to look for you.
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