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CB200T package

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I have two 74/75 CB200T very complete and original bikes - One with NY registration and one without. Both start right up and run. One with regi has an engine knock and one without regi runs excellent. Both could use tuning and carb cleaning I think. Bikes are low miles - one says about 1400 miles and the other says 5600 miles. Both still have the original tool kits and one has the owners manual. I think they may even have original or near original tires. With these i also have bins of parts - including an extra motor, new cam, pistons etc and extra seats, wiring harness, forks, lights, gages, wheel and tire, brakes, etc... you could almost build another bike if you had frame and electronics. Looking for $2000 for the whole package.
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Where in the USA is this "starts right up with knock" deal?
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