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So I have the chance to purchase one of these screamers (with extra) for short money. What would it be eligable for in USCRA? Are they a lump? Worth? Cheap pit bike if nothing else.


Jeff Marcoux

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Looks like it would be eligible for Period II ultralightweight supervintage (maybe)?. $350 BTW so i's hard to pass up.
Good to know TEX, cause if the wife is really pissed it will be for sale the first event of the year!
Thanks JB. Not sure what I'l do with it but it's nice to know it CAN be run albeit at the back of the pack.

I certainly would have no aspirations of winning 200 gp or ULWSV.
Texy, I've reconsidered many times! Once is enough that's for sure.
You'll see.
These damn Hondas are breeding.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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