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CB350/360/CB450/CB750 PARTS 4 SALE-UPDATED 4/23/07

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Hey ,

I have a motherload of CB Related parts I need to sell/get rid of.
All parts listed below were removed from a 1974 CB750 (unless otherwise noted)[/b]

1. Aftermarket Speedo for CB450/CB550/CB750/etc (Basically brand new)---->

2. Extended Swingarm 4 SOHC CB750's (perfect shape - quality build w/ brake stay)

3. Wicked King & Queen Sean for SOHC CB750'S (Real Corbin seat from the 70's) ---->

4. Stock tail light with blacked out bracket (real nice shape) --->
Should fit anything - Honda or other

$20 shipped !!!

5. 1974 CB450 Dash/Idiot light cluster (good for cafe project)

6. SOHC CB750 oil tank (perfect shape - no rust - no leaks - etc)

7. Master cylinder/lever/brake line off 1974 CB450 (same as CB550/750/etc)

8. Front fender offa 1974 Honda CB450 (should work with other CB models)

9. Rear Fender offa 1974 Honda CB450 (In decent shape for it's age)

10. Misc CB Grabbag. Anything in the pic below $10 plus whatever shipping costs to you !

11. CB750 Blue Faced Speedo (almost in perfect shape) -->

12. Lower triple-tree and stem offa 1974 Honda CB450

13. CL350 Stem and lower triple tree --->

If anyone is in need of the parts above, please shoot me an email and an offer to [email protected] and we can take it from their...More parts will be added to this thread/list as they become available..As the list of parts I have for sale grows, I cant stress enough how bad I need to get rid of this stuff.
All resonable offers accepted !!

Thanks !!

Member: Ton-Up Club Chicago
1972 CB750 Hooligan/Street Fighter
1974 CB/CL450 Cafe/Bar Racer

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