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CB350 Dual Disc For Dummys?

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I have searched here and many other places for a how to guide to putting a dual disc setup on a cb350, but I have had no luck. I know this is probably a fairly common upgrade for these bikes but I have no idea exactly what the process is or what parts are required. Most of the posts I have read say you can use cb550 triple trees/forks? but since they didn't come with dual discs I still don't understand how they work.

Can anyone lay it out for me? Go ahead and assume I'm a dumbass (I'm sure you will anyway). Or point me to a post where my question has already been answered.

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Were you able to find a solution?
I'm Sure the Rotors could be cut/lightened so with the aluminum rim, titanium spokes and axle might just even out ?
Looking for a mild cam upgrade, valves/springs/keepers if anyone has a source
Hi. Welcome onboard. As has been pointed out, you are replying to an eleven year old thread. Best to start a new thread about what it is that you are looking for.
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