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Saw some posts on the cb/cl350 twins, I really like this bike, on my way to owning my third. I see lots of drilling done to the clutch actuator/front sprocket plate, and the front hub. How does this affect the structural integrity of these parts? I've heard from the british european riders the cb/cl350 bikes had a problem of hubs and front fork lowers cracking, wondering if drilling is asking for problems/trouble. My bike will be a commuter/around town bike primarily. will rain find drilled front hub ports a good place to collect too, reducing braking power?

and on exhaust, you all are right, it is hard to find good aftermarket examples. However, has anyone ever run straight pipe tt styles before? Comments on sound and performance?

I've seen so many different styles run on these cb/cls. short to long, 2 to one/2 to 2, it all depends on your whim and preference it seems.
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