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CB350 Mikuni Jetting

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Well I have been struggling to get my bike tuned right over the past few weeks. I used the Ohio site to get a general idea on what kind of jets my bike would need, but after switching and swapping I'm always running lean or rich depending on needle or main jets, when I hit about 6k on the rpms.

Here's my list of mods. Todds pistons, New Cam chain with slipper tensioner, Megacycle 123-20 cam, and Mikuni VM32 Carbs with velocity stacks.

If anybody has a similar setup and could throw me a bone on where to find a better start, or if you have any better ideas.
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Come on,:) I know that someone on here's gotta be runnin a setup somewhat close to mine
Thanks for the support, I know there is a few guys on this board that race these damn things and have the same setup so I was hoping they would chime in.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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