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CB350 racing advise needed

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Hello, I recently picked up a 1972 CB350 to prepare for racing in both the WERA and AHRMA races near me throughout the year. I have read some build threads on here and also on other sites to see what common modifications are. However, I am wanting to check with the experienced folks here who race these bikes and find out what modifications are real priorities. The bike is 100% stock and has 1,100 miles on it. I am wanting to have it ready in 2 months and I am not wanting to spend tons of money doing a top notch rebuild. Basically wanting to upgrade what is necessary to have a safe reliable bike to race. I wont be fast so no need to have a championship level bike.

Any suggestions on engine parts and mods to make sure it will last the racing season and hold up to race use?
Suspension or brake suggestions?
I am also curious about any common modifications that are not legal or will not allow the bike to race in BOTH series.
Anything most people overlook when building one that is important to have?

Thanks for any help guys.
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You won't need slick tires & warmers...I always used BT45's, which stuck like glue and made nice "gumballs". All the good tire companys make supersport tires that are competitive up into the expert classes. Good suspension is also right up there in importance.

Jim B
I am actually planning on running the BT45s on my bike. I know some people say the Avons and Conti tires are better but for my first set I think the BT45s will do me well.
Be sure to run appropriate sizes like a 90/90 front and a 100/90 or 110/80 rear. Bigger tires just won't heat up properly.
I have shod both the 250 and the 350 CBs with Heidenau tires. These bikes don't eat much rubber. A dozen races and still a lot left.
I am preparing to get the front forks swapped with my XL350 front forks and triple clamps. Can anyone tell me for sure what bearings to use? I have read conflicting info, some say CB350 bearings work while others say they had to swap CB and XL components and make spacers, etc. All Balls little fork conversion program just keeps freezing. The part numbers are different on the individual kits but some people say it is a "direct swap" using CB350 bearings including one of the fellows on the Eurospares page. Thanks for any help,
It is not a direct swap. I seem to recall that the XL has a smaller ID top bearing as I had to mess around trying to mix and match bearings. I ended up reaming my CB triples out to 35mm to take the XL tubes. The XL tubes are also longer and had about 1.5 to 2" sticking up through the top triple. If I did it again, I would mount some 35 mm clip-ons above the top triple. As it was, I used a superbike bar.
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ceriani forks
custom trees
clip ons
tapered bearings

grip it and rip it!!!
hey good luck with the racing ,however if you are still looking at front ends i have some xl350 fork legs
i have already cleaned and checked them out and they are as good as it gets for used condition
i can cut down the stanchion tubes and damper rods whatever length and travel suits you,i can drill the damper rods so they are emulator ready and if you want the ultimate smooth action i can mod them to use low friction DU bushings as well
all the parts are in stock in my shop
also have a good pair of betor clamps they are very close to same spread as cb350 as well as offset and i can put a cb stem in them
41 - 48 of 48 Posts
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