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Hi All
I have a 1971 CB350 and need to replace my rear break pads and wouldnt mind getting the whole rear break assembly while I am at it.
I found one with Prospect Cycle
but its taking them forever so I kept calling
and after 3 weeks, :( JUST told me they are used and havent taken them off the other bike yet!! And they were originally selling to me as new - so it feels a little shady to me.
Anybody know another reliable place to order?
I can also just get new pads and be fine

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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You can usually find loads of NOS pads on ebay. Also RetroBikes usually has them.

No need to replace the whole backing plate. Just pull yours off, clean it up, take out the pivot, clean and lightly grease. And NOS backing plate assembly...if you can find it...will cost a whole lot more than just pads. Since you are going to have the back wheel off it's usually not a bad idea to replace the rear wheel bearings with modern sealed bearings.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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