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CB350 Shifting Troubles

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Just got my engine reassembled and I tried shifting it through the gears but no luck. Seems like it won't even attempt to get into gear. The engine was broke down to the very last piece so I'm thinking one of the gear arms didn't get to the right place. Anybody else had this problem or is there a way to adjust it. The motor turns freely and I took the motor apart in neutral and put it back together in neutral.
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Just to clarify I split the motor case to replace the timing chain but I didn't mess with the tranny I just put everything back together the way it was.
lol oh yeah I've got three manuals,,,check each one of them to make sure they all say the same thing. Man I did check to make sure it shifted after I bolted her up, but I've seen crazier things than this. Thanks I just wanted to know if anyone else had run into this and if it would be a quick fix.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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