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CB350 steering damper

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It's time to start finishing up the CB350 race bike. I'm asking for your help once more, it's now about a steering damper. I'm not sure what length to buy, I'll probably buy a Proflo
and mount it sililar to the photo below.
Just wondering if anyone can help me out so I order the correct damper?
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I have a steering damper on my 916 Ducati, 500R Ninja and 72 CB350. I've never encountered a tank slapper on any of the above and attribute it to the addition of steering dampers. I had a tank slapper on a KZ650 years ago and it was pretty scary.
i'm using the short daytona/shinday damper pro-flo #22-D17-002. mounted to the triple tree in the existing hole on the right of the lower bracket and then to a "fork" clamp mounted just below the seam on the frame downtube (the skinny tube/ 35mm). on the short side, the damper rod just clears the right cylinder's fins and tucks in between both cylinders. again, the fork clamp on the downtube is the wanker way, those who are more skilled weld a bracket to the frame.
my setup is using about 60mm of the 70mm throw.

********Many Thanks TT for the information!!!!

1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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