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CB350 steering damper

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It's time to start finishing up the CB350 race bike. I'm asking for your help once more, it's now about a steering damper. I'm not sure what length to buy, I'll probably buy a Proflo
and mount it sililar to the photo below.
Just wondering if anyone can help me out so I order the correct damper?
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I don't have a after market damper on my bike, but I was thinking about you and Wally's question whilst working on mine over the weekend.

What I'd do, is get out a tape measure and locate where the mounting brackets are going to sit. Mark them off with tape so you have a constant point of reference. Turn your bars to full lock and measure the distance between the tape marks. Turn your bars full lock the opposite direction and measure again. This will give you minimum and maximum travel. That should allow you to pick out the correct damper length on the Pro-Flo page.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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