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CB350 steering damper

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It's time to start finishing up the CB350 race bike. I'm asking for your help once more, it's now about a steering damper. I'm not sure what length to buy, I'll probably buy a Proflo
and mount it sililar to the photo below.
Just wondering if anyone can help me out so I order the correct damper?
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I am glad you asked that question first........

Yeah Scott, that does make the most sense doesn't it...

OK, Honda 350 guys, EXACTLY what steering damper should I buy? My ride is 72 CL350.

Boy, I sure could use a mentor for this bike prep stuff- my mechanical knowledge is about zip. Luckily my bike was raced a couple times before by the Previous owner so it is legal, etc. and he did a very clean job.
Hey Pete,

Are you the guy who sniped me on those??

I just received a set I bought on Thursday, from California no less- fast shipping. Unfortunately they are too big they are a 50 and I need a 48 or 46. The problem is that the chest is OK, but I am short and they are just too long. I guess I will have to make due since custom made ones are out of the question for a while yet. Hopefully I will find a good price on a smaller set, heck these were only a$140 with shipping. Not the best quality, but usable and like new.

If you ever find out the size steering damper, let me know and I will just buy the same thing.


Here is the link. Not a lot of activity on there lately. Best bet is to try to contact Bob Coy--# is on USCRA web page, to sign up. He is hard to impossible to get a hold of.

If those leathers are too big (were they 44 or 46?) let me know.


In my above post, I meant to say contact Bob Coy about signing up for the school. You will apply for the Yahoo group right on the sight from "join this group". Just clarifying.

Carl Mcallister (expert also may have a race school at NHIS some time in april, unless maybe they are putting the two together.

I am just down in Oneonta. Maybe I could come and see your bike and get some hints sometime, heck I could even throw my bike on the trailer if it is not snowing.
Thanks Tim for the info! I really appreciate it.

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