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CB350 Twin Cafe... again...

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Hey All,

I've been reading up on past threads about CB350 (twin) Cafe Racers and I think I've got a pretty good idea of what I should do, but I've just got a couple of questions left and I was hoping someone could help answer them for me. Lemmie just start by saying that I'm really only interested in "the look". I don't plan on racing, so aesthetics and PRICE are the main concern.

I've determined that the CB750 forks with the CB350 stem is the way to go, that's pretty choice, but I was wondering what wheel I can use in the front? I want to stick with a drum brake for "the look". Is there a better setup? What bike makes a good drum donor wheel? I really don't want to attempt to lace a drum to a different rim, so the entire assembly would be best, I think.

If I toss an 18" wheel on the front, and a 19" wheel on the back, will this reduce my rake (an improve handling?) I want the bike to have a more aggressive, leaning forward look, so is this a option? Should I get a taller rear suspension on the back? Will doing this kinda thing destroy the handling and get me killed?

And the question that's on every newbie's mind: Where do I get THE TANK? Keeping with the low cost theme, the really nice alloy tanks just aren't going to be an option. Is there any other more common bikes that have tanks that will be larger and cafesque on the smaller 350? Perhaps a tank off of a jap 1000ccer? Buhler? I've looked around and found a couple that look ok, but haven't seen any in person (or any pictures).

The electrics are another area I have some question about. I'd like to part ways with the battery. I only need to run the headlight and brake light and the motor itself. I'd like to take the starter off and only use the kick. Is this possible? What kind of options do I have? I'd also like to convert to some sort of optical ignition as well? What all gets replaced in this kind of setup? And links?

Exhaust? Will this work on a 350?
is this a good exhaust? I'd like to get one where the pipe is swept up a little higher. Does anyone know of a better source?

phew. That's a longass post. Thanks for your help guys,
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the 360 pipes will not bolt right up. the exhaust ports are at a different angle. you can bend the pipes and get them to work though. ive seen it done. 350 pipes are not easy to find.

we've done a few mock ups of a high scrambler type pipe on our racebikes. one day we'll get to do one. of course, it'll dump out under the seat.

my computer sucks. anyway...jeremys humped my leg a few times. and if you want a decent alum tank, mines cheap. make me an offer i cant refuse, its for a honda, obviously, and a 350/2 thats a twin, not a bmw.

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i'll have to see if i can find one.....then there is always the issue of aluminizing it.

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