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CB350 value?

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Can anyone tell me the going value of a mostly complete CB350 cafe bike is worth? It has been sitting in my garage for 22 years and its time to go. It has flanged Akront rims, welded frame(vs spot welds), Cb350 disk brake, cut down stock seat, Magura forged aluminum clip-ons, Bassani 2-1 megaphone pipe and a spare engine. Many spair bits like 10,500 rpm tach. It is missing the headlight, foot pegs, one shock and needs paint.

tim keyes
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put shocks on it and i bet you could get 1500 on ebay. not really, but id bet you could get some decent change. i always buy them cheap. i bet you could get 750 for it on ebay. just a guess though. papers make them worth more.

got any pics, id love to see a pic of it.

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