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I don't think you would want to go with bigger rims or shortened up suspension other than maybe sliding the fork tubes up in the triple clamps a little. Maybe 1/2 inch or so. More than that will look goofy and you don't have that much ground clearance anyway. This will quicken up the steering a little but a bigger tire on the front will slow it back down some to. I would put a steering damper on it anyway. The shocks have a clevis mount on the bottom not an eye. I would not use too much shorter socks either. I think if you are going to throw some money at it then I would get some wider polished alloy rims WM4 rear and WM3 front. Then lace them up with heavier gauge stainless spokes. Put a 130/90 18 Bridgestone BT45 on the rear and a 110/90 - 18 BT45 on the front and you should have close to the look like the pic you posted. I agree with your plan for the drag bars and stock seat although I kind of like the look of a smooth seat with a little kick up at the rear.

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