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CB350F Fork conversion

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Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum. I have a CB350F (disk front) and would like to change out the forks for something more modern. What is the process here? I'd like newer forks with clip on bars etc (more cafe style) What forks are interchangable with the CB350F? What is the process re break calipers on newer forks...are all the fitings standard?


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I know where Joe is coming from. Sometimes you see a question that to answer properly for an inexperience wrench would take several pages or more.

To attempt to make a short answer....if you just want a decent more modern front end....swap in something like a VTR250 front end. They are 35mm, single disk brake, air-fitting on top, semi-modern type fork.
If you are new to this type of thing....shoot for an entire front end so all you have to do is adapt the steering stem to fit the 350, rather than sorting out caliper mounts, disks mounts etc etc. Hydraulic brake line fittings are fairly standard from one Honda to another Honda...but line length, bends and junctions might be different. If swapping calipers...mounts might be different, spacing different, disk size different.

And bear in have things like fork offset and trail to take into could screw up the handling.

Just a lot of if's and maybe's.
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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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