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Cb360 carbs

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Hello everyone I came across this site, I'm looking for some info on a cb 360 that I'm working on . Hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction, cb 360 top ends been rebuilt, has carbs#745b on it, will be running pods, has 2 into 1 exhaust, Charlie's place ignition, m unit blue, what size jets should I be using? Thanks
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Super easy: If you run pods with no intake stacks it won't make any difference what jets you use, it still won't run right until you put the intake stacks back on the carbs, then you should be able to run the stock original jetting. You're not putting any additional oxygen into the engine by fitting pods, that's a misconception, you are in fact reducing the oxygen and reducing the carburetors ability to atomize fuel into the more turbulent air intake. (you can't fix that situation by just dumping more fuel into the mix, put the intake stacks back on and put the air filter on that, the size of your valves and piston displacement has not changed.)
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