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Cb360 carbs

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Hello everyone, I've been working on 74 cb 360 that I got from a guy in boxes, what a prodject but any ways I was wondering what size jets I should be using, carbs are # 745b, will be running pod filters, 2 into 1 exhaust, just got done rebuilding the top end, I put in Charlie's place ignition, m unit blue , thanks

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle
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I think the intent Trials has in mind is laminar flow. The venturi speeds up the air and this creates a vacuum to pull fuel from the bowls. Well, in reality the atmospheric vent is what pushes the fuel into the vacuum created, but anyway...Tumbling air does a poor job of this and an orderly laminar flow actually allows more air to get through. The air isn't actually compressed to get more in, it is just stacked neatly so more fits.
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