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CB360 Jug on a CB350 ??

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Will a '74 CB360 jug and pistons fit on a '71 CB 350 motor.
Would there be any other parts (gaskets, head, cam chain, etc.)needed for this swap ?
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back in the day when i knew nothing i bought a cb360 at mid ohio for $50.00! i got back to the pits and c. marshall took a look at it and said what are you going to do with that. i said, use some of the trick parts from it on my cb350, like the six speed gearbox. he said, nothing matches up, just throw it away. i said, but i just paid $50.00 bucks. i hauled it home and there it sat, till one day when i........yep, threw it away.

i should have listened to him.

tex "only slightly smarter now" mawby
see......i'm now back to dumber....again.

thanks mikey!

tex "just call me stupid" mawby
any old gas in the tank i think would also work in either a 350 or 360 too! smartass.

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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