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CB360 Jug on a CB350 ??

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Will a '74 CB360 jug and pistons fit on a '71 CB 350 motor.
Would there be any other parts (gaskets, head, cam chain, etc.)needed for this swap ?
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Off the top of my head I want to say not without some machine work. Rosko whould be better at answering this as he has both in his shop space right now, but he is...ahem...on vacation.

As far as I know the cb360's engine was a "clean sheet" design from the 350 it replaced. I know the motor mounts are different, and there is very little that is shared (maybe some tranny parts on the early 360s). I don't even think the bore and stroke on those engines are the same. I know the cb360 jug won't bolt up to the cb350 head.

Since the cb360 was not as fast as the cb350 and the aftermarket supports the 350 but not the 360, I think it is probably a better bet to get oversized pistons and bore out your existing cylinder. Stay away from the 360 parts.
There is that nut between the handlebar and the seat, you know the one that is always coming loose, that's usually the same.

I think they also use the same muffler bearings and turn signal fluid.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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