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CB360 Pods

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I'm having trouble with my carbs I no longer have the stock airbox and from what I can I find the 360 runs poorly with pods my bike has a hesitation or loss of power at mid throttle this goes away when the put the choke on about 1/8 to 1/4 from what I understand its because the pods throw off the vacuum and the slide no longer works as it should. so I'm thinking if I can find some more restrictive filter that should help. I have a 74 Cb360 and from reading through this forum it sounds like the needle should not be adjustable on the carbs but mine are I don't know if someone stuck different needles in there and maybe the taper is wrong and that could be causing issues. my jetting is factory and when moving the needle up or down it does help the problem it never goes completely away so I thought maybe going from a 110 main to 115 would help but after reading your posts it seems more likely its the filters? also the bike didnt rev past 3,000 - 4,000 rpms which is when the slide kicks in so my guess is the vacuum was not enough to open the slide
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What carbs are on it? What pods? What did you hack off the exhaust?
What carbs are on it? What pods? What did you hack off the exhaust?
The stock Keihin CV carbs the exhaust is also stock they are cheap pod filters i plan to put nicer K&N or UNI filters on to see if that makes a difference
The best solution is to source a proper air box, it smooths the airflow and give you the widest range of power. Pods are a hassle and need a lot of fiddling, cheap pods are a problem. A Pod Filter Thread for Geeto.....
Don't make the mistake thinking lack of restriction is the problem, that's not how it works.
run some breather tubes or the stock airbox and upgrade it with a better filter and larger opening, That will yield better results unless you start changing out carburetors and that is expensive and not easy,

Your current thinking you can just adjust it out by making everything run rich as hell is a trap, that will make it run like a turd and eat fuel like Dodge Polara.
I wrapped paper towels around the pod filters today to see if maybe better filters would do the trick and it ran like I feel it should I've never had the stock airbox and I've never ridden a 360 with one so I don't know if runs like it should but it ran better than it ever has. it pops slightly from the exhaust so it might be a little rich but I would expect when changing the airflow I wanted to get some more opinions before I make the change I'm thinking either K&N filters or some UNI foam filters?
I think this guy has the right idea with questionable implementation.

Or I would go with 2 hoses out of 1 large air filter.
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I already have an extension on there it's not straight like those they are stock and slightly curved to get around the battery box, I'll put a picture in.


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that is an older picture it now has a battery and exhaust attached
Filter looks dry as a fart, put a foam or felt one on there and oil it, suddenly it will have the 'resistance' it is missing.

... you know if you don't squeeze enough oil out of a foam air filter it will be too restrictive ;)
... by rights the filter is also suppose to have an anti-flame-blow-back screen inside it to stop the oiled filter from catching fire too ;)
Where does your crankcase breath from?
okay ill do that, I'm not sure about where the crankcase breaths from I don't remember seeing anywhere to hook that up but ill look at it tonight and see what I can find
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It would have gone into the air box before, it needs clean air intake and a place to puke out blow-by gasses and oil residue.
okay should I try to put it into the rubber extensions currently on there
okay should I try to put it into the rubber extensions currently on there
You are in experimental territory, you should try anything that might make it work!
The function of an airbox (besides somewhere for the crankcase to breath from or spew into) is to provide a large volume of clean reasonably non turbulent air to breath from and the air should flow into the carburetor intake with some direction. Paper pods stuck directly on the open end of a CV carburetor we know for a fact works poorly.
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