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CB360t Front and Rear tires/suspension

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So, I just joined the site. So first of all "Howdy". I have a '76 cb360t and am looking to replace the front forks with more modern ones...I can do this, but it seems i might have to sacrifice my spokes if I do that, which would suck. I wouldn't mind going with new allow wheels, but how in the world am i going to find a matching one for the back that will fit on my bike?

The biggest problem I feel I'm going to run into is getting the chain aligned if i throw a slightly fatter tire on the back.

If anyone can give me some insight on this stuff it would be cool. Thanks.
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This CX will give you an idea of how a spoke wheel and USD fork mod is done.

Personally, I'd put new spokes and alloy rims on your bike and a set of Hagon shocks set from the company to suit your bike, and just ride the thing.

Forget wide tires, they ride like crap on an old bike. If you want wide modern tires, go get a modern bike with wide modern tires.

Old bikes are not Lamborghinis or Hot Rods with fat tires, never have been, never will be.
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